Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary

Huntsville District Memorial Hospital is supported by the truly remarkable Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary. Founded in 1955, the HHA functions to improve

The Muskoka Awards ? Recipients

Community Organization

Nominees include volunteer organizations, associations, service clubs, religious groups, businesses or other non-profit groups that have undertaken projects and programs that have significant positive impact on Muskokans. the experiences and lives of the community in a myriad of ways. Joanne Matthews, a retired nurse who now functions as president, says it?s the long-term volunteers she finds amazing. ?Just today, we honoured three members who have been serving forty years.? That?s forty years of unpaid volunteering, performing invaluable services in countless ways to the patients and medical staff of Huntsville?s hospital. The 134 volunteers of the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary, whose average age approaches 80, give hours of service in the hospital: portering, talking to patients, delivering mail and flowers, working in the gift shop, tending the garden, assisting with wheelchairs, along with making reminder calls for appointments. ?Retired hairdressers will go in; they have a setup there. These people can?t go out to a hairdresser. The (volunteers) will do their hair for nothing,? says Matthews. The members also put hours in for fundraising. The fundraising is extensive, on the order of $100,000 a year, from the gift shop and many activities like bulb and flower sales, cook books, tag days, bingo, and the BMO Golf Classic. The auxiliary works with the hospital foundation in deciding what new equipment is needed the most. Recent examples include $200,000 raised toward the mammogram equipment and $300,000 for the Day Surgery unit. The auxiliary?s abilities to raise the funds facilitated the decision to obtain the equipment. In fact, over the course of its 58-year history, the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary has raised a total of $1.6 million. ?The hospital definitely needs us. They need us and appreciate us.? Most of the money raised has gone to new medical equipment, but also to a gazebo, and lately a mural near the front door, featuring the Group of Seven?s Spring in Algonquin Park. ?There were Tom Thomson reproductions all over Huntsville but we didn?t have one? says Matthews. Unique ideas to brighten one?s hospital stay come from auxiliary members. At Christmas, stockings are hung on each door, and babies born on Christmas Day get to be held in a big stocking, made by a volunteer. The Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary is a recipient of the Muskoka Award for Community Organization. 7 The Muskoka Awards September 25, 2013

South Muskoka Shield

The South Muskoka Shield is comprised of young men who play competitive hockey and aim to win. But the attributes that make them a team are not limited to the games. They have a collective heart in many ways. ?We?re pretty proud of them. The guys look forward to being out there and helping out anyway they can? says Dallyn Telford, general manager and head coach of the Junior A team from Gravenhurst. Endorsements abound regarding the team?s participation in off-ice activities that reach out to the young and the old. Events are co-ordinated with the Gravenhurst Legion, with the team laying a wreath at the cenotaph at Remembrance Day services. Many of the team members participate by selling and distributing poppies. As well, the team assisted with a food drive by putting hangers on doors throughout the town, as part of a local charitable effort. While sports teams have been known to exhibit negative behaviours, on and off the ice, this group is very civil and caring in their work with others. The team assists with the Breakfast Club at local public schools. The examples they set regarding team work, friendliness, and respect noticeably influence the students, creating a more civil and happy place of learning. They mentor young students with reading, and participate in their gym classes, which encourages all the students to participate and try hard. The team partners with A Child?s Voice Foundation. They raise money through selling 50/50 tickets at all their games, as well as by selling raffle tickets and collecting donations. The young men have hosted a breast cancer awareness day, raised money with the Salvation Army, and hosted a children?s Christmas party with the Severn Bridge Women?s Institute. A local child, disadvantaged with developmental disabilities and long term leukemia treatment has been ?adopted? as an honorary member of the team. ?He?s a bright spirited young guy and has had a ride on the Zamboni,? says Telford ?It?s important for them to be role models. Those teams don?t come around every day. It stays with them on and off the ice.? The South Muskoka Shield is a recipient of the Muskoka Award for Community Organization. Category proudly sponsored by

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